James Clinton Bunn, Owner / Broker


James Clinton got his start in real estate back in 2006. Having been with larger corporate firms as well as independent firms he has seen a lot come and go through the years and realized a need that he could serve in terms of clients and agents if he were to open his own firm. James's personal production has been up to around $21M in a given year and with his team they are pushing to double that each year and they eager to grow and help more clients and agents.  

Through out his real estate career James' mission has been to help educate the community about the real estate market and provide his clients with all the best options possible so that they are able make smart decisions whenever buying, selling or investing in real estate. 

James and his brokers are excited to be able to coach and develop newer real estate professionals who are eager to learn a proven step by step process to achieve success running a real estate practice. James says he truly loves what he does even with all the up's and downs of business. It's a great journey he often calls "Living The Dream". It is his goal to be able to offer the best service and advice possible in order to help his clients and his real estate team make the best decisions based on their life goals.